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Orang tua-tua pernah berkata, “sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua”. Tembelang Anwar kini semakin terdedah satu persatu untuk dipertontonkan kepada rakyat Malaysia.

Mungkin inilah balasan Tuhan kepada manusia yang bernama Anwar Ibrahim ini akibat dari segala pengkhianatan yang telah dilakukannya kepada bangsa dan tanahair.

KUALA LUMPUR 10 Julai – Selepas dilaporkan tunduk kepada pelobi Yahudi dalam isu Palestin, Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim didakwa pula sebagai ‘alat’ kepada agensi perisik Amerika Syarikat iaitu Agensi Perisikan Pusat (CIA).

Lebih menarik dakwaan itu bukannya dilemparkan oleh tokoh tempatan tetapi didedahkan sendiri oleh penulis blog terkenal di New York, Elaine Meinel Supkis melalui artikelnya, CIA and Mossad want Anwar Ibrahim assassinated.

Penulis tersebut yang mengaku sering berbalas e-mel dengan Anwar mendakwa, Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) itu merupakan alat ciptaan CIA bagi menjaga kepentingan dan perancangan sulit negara kuasa itu di Malaysia.

“Anwar bukan ejen tetapi alat yang dicipta oleh CIA. Senarai rakan-rakan membuktikan segalanya dan mereka merupakan ejen CIA yang menyamar (Anwar is a CIA creature. That is, he is not an ‘agent’ but rather, a ‘tool’. His list of buddies proves this: they are all undercover CIA),” katanya seperti yang dipetik dalam blog, Culture of Life News.

Pendedahan oleh Meinel Supkis itu dibuat selang sehari selepas Presiden Trevino Strategies and Media Inc., Joshua Trevino mendakwa, Anwar membiayai program temu bualnya dengan Cable News Network (CNN) baru-baru ini.

Temu bual tersebut dakwa Trevino, terpaksa dilakukan dalam usaha Anwar – yang diketahui mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan ramai kelompok Yahudi – meyakinkan kembali para pelobi Yahudi tersebut bahawa beliau bukannya anti-Yahudi.

Dalam pada itu, tambah Meinel Supkis dakwaan bahawa ketua pembangkang itu merupakan alat kepada CIA, turut disokong oleh kenyataan rakan rapat Anwar sendiri iaitu Paul Wolfowitz.

Menurutnya, Wolfowitz yang juga bekas Presiden Bank Dunia dilaporkan sebagai berkata: “Apa yang dilakukan oleh Anwar (kenyataan anti-Yahudi) salah tetapi memikirkan bahawa beliau sedang berjuang untuk dirinya serta karier politik selepas dilabelkan sebagai boneka Yahudi, kecuaian itu perlu diperbetulkan.”

Meinel Supkis yang merupakan penentang kepada penguasaan Yahudi di Amerika Syarikat dalam tulisannya itu menyatakan, tiada yang lucu dan membanggakan menjadi seorang alat kepada CIA yang juga dakwanya turut dikuasai oleh pelobi Yahudi.

“Saya harap dia tidak menjadi mangsa kepada operasi ini. Anwar merupakan seorang pemimpin yang karier politiknya sudah tertutup tetapi terus dipaksa oleh Yahudi yang mempunyai kepentingan,” katanya


Utusan Malaysia

Inilah kandungan petikan dari blog Elaine Meinel Supkis dari US.

Jika penulis blog ini menipu, Anwar Ibrahim patut ambil tindakan saman kepadanya. PAS dan Pakatan juga perlu mendesak Anwar menjelaskan tentang tuduhan ini bagi pengetahuan seluruh rakyat negara ini khususnya pengikut-pengikut mereka .

OMG! So that is why they bought the Daily Beast! You see, the Daily Beast used to publish ME. Then suddenly got this nifty offer they couldn’t refuse, they were co-opted and dropped me and now publish only propaganda! HAHAHA. Wow. HAHAHA….and the CIA which watches me closely, use it now for their deep ops work. No surprise to me. I wondered who took over the Daily Beast. It was not that big but it was in Britain so it had to be stopped. HAHAHA….another mystery in my life, solved. In general, the CIA is usually behind much of these things. I suppose Obama is being given the power to kill the ENTIRE internet if this is what is required to stop myself and others who tell the truth. Not that anyone believes anything I say particularly when I say, I grew up in the heart of the CIA’s secret ops system going back to before the CIA existed (the Naval Intelligence and OSS, that is the Nukes and Nazi crews!).

Needless to say, Anwar I. and I have, over the last 15 years, exchanged emails in the past. I know this guy and he knows my family, of course. And now he has to prove he isn’t a CIA operative! But CAN’T because, he is, well, every bit a CIA operative as Osama bin Laden. I was marveling, by the way, during the last year, how the ‘Daily Beast’ suddenly was a top Google search engine thing and how it was being quoted by the mainstream media. This is due to the CIA taking over it. Using its previous radical reputation as a front, the CIA uses it to manipulate opinion.

I hope the Google search engines cover my story today. I must say hello to the Beast! HAHAHA. And I liked it because they called it the Beast for a reason: it was watching the Monster, the Power Structure itself, the Pyramid with the Eye. Yup, and liked my cartoons, too! All gone. Well, at least I have proof now, how important it is for the Powers to stop me, specifically. So far, they are content with everyone not believing me whenever I yap about international politics or predict the future. The CIA knows very well, I am very good at future projections.

I have just warned Anwar that he won’t be killed by the CIA but may be killed by the irate Mossad and certainly, if he doesn’t flee underground, he will be killed by al Qaeda. He is pretty much dead now. But Obama is very much alive and he knows that any assassin with fake ID can nail him anytime the Real Bosses want him to die a martyr. He looks at night at the painting of Kennedy in the White House and mutters, ‘I am a dead man’. So he hopes if he becomes a CIA death machine, he will live.

HE WON’T LIVE…they will still kill him off eventually. He is too ripe a target for this. Once he is very unpopular due to destroying all connections with his ‘liberal’ base, after the left gives up all hope, he will be made our martyr exactly like before. Same methodology, too. The US is an assassination machine now and even Obama has said, he can use assassinations whenever and wherever the CIA demands this INCLUDING inside the US so he can go to Texas whenever he dares….maybe to see the latest oil catastrophe, perhaps, after a massive Category 5 hurricane. Yup.

Or maybe a lightning bolt will get him as he gets out of AF1. Lightning is a rather odd thing, it can hit anyone, even indoors. I get hit a lot indoors. The deterioration of this man is nearly totality. He is losing his humanity so fast, it is now changing his face, his heart and above all, his soul. And the denizens of the Outer Darkness think this is just wonderful. But then, they think the entire CIA is a honking wonderful thing, too. Yikes. Well, I warned him about this. We call this, ‘Selling your soul.’ I warned Anwar about this, too. ’You can’t accept help from ANY American organization if you are trying to reform Malaysia’, I said way back in 1998. No one listens to me. Ha.

One last thing: I had a very deep feeling at dawn that something from the Gates of Death would pay me a little visit today. This is all so pathetic, of course. We are all under the hammer so far as Death is concerned. We all die, that is. Well, the editor for the Washington Post decided to do a Mossad hit on Anwar by revealing to the radical Muslims, his very deep Zionist/CIA connections. This way, they will kill the guy! This is exactly how 9/11 was done: Mossad and the CIA wanted it to happen and helped it along but were more or less hands-off. They planted the seeds and watered it but were not the plants.

The CIA and Mossad do this all the time. Mossad’s assassination of the Hamas guy in Dubai was a mistake. They couldn’t trick any Muslims into doing this so they did this, themselves. It backfired, very badly. They obviously want Anwar dead. So they set into motion, outsiders by revealing important information. But thanks to the murky world of the CIA, doing this gave ME important information I dearly wanted to know about myself! This information is important to me. I have good reason to be paranoid but am not. I am only amused. If and when they come to kill me, I am already living on borrowed time ever since I was hit by a lightning bolt as a child at Yerkes Observatory. I already died and came back, laced in lightning, seeing things no humans should see in the Cave of Wealth and Death.

So the Mossad/CIA elimination of a pesky tool business has gone off the rails already. Maybe Anwar still reads me. I hope he does. He better…..